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Avenue Habib Bourguiba
A sharp heart which revives our animated capital.....It is the avenue of tourism, shopping, the culture, arts, the shows and the services of any kind…


Avenue Habib Bourguiba
A sharp heart which revives our animated capital

It is the avenue of tourism, shopping, culture, arts, shows and the services of any kind….If the Habib Bourguiba avenue is said, one says a sharp heart which revives our animated capital.
Our avenue extends on 1500 meters length and 100 meters from width. It is located between the avenue of France on the side of the west, and parks it of marine Tunis (TGM) on the side of the east.
It is related to the principal avenues of Tunis. Thus, it is in the center of the principal stations of public transport.

This avenue is not a simple avenue, it is actually a mirror which reflects our history, civilization, tolerance, modernism and our opening on the future. While walking on the side of the avenue of France, one is initially in front of the Cathedral, one of the evidence of the tolerance and the freedom of belief in Tunisia.

Close to the cathedral, one sees the statue of the famous IBN KHALDOUN, symbol of wisdom and the cultural heritage. In the Habib Bourguiba avenue, you have a panoply of choice to divert itself: you can walk or sit down under the shade of its splendid trees, to visit the Municipal Theater which shelters various artistic and cultural events such as “the festival of the Tunisian song”, “the cinematographic days of Carthage”, the theatrical days…

If you are film enthusiasts, there is a number of cinemas who expose along the year, the last films which in the box offices.
And if you are lucky, you will attend artistic shows or exposures which are organized in the open air.

If you are not satisfied with all that, there are other means: you can spend a few hours in the terraces of the coffees of principal the hotels of the capital such as: hotel El Hana International, “Africa El Mouradi”,… there is also a large variety of restaurants which offer menus of all the origins.

Another very important sector dominates this avenue; it is the service sector ensured by the majority of the banks of Tunisia.
One finds also commercial complexes such as “Palmarium”, “Colose”,….

While advancing along the Habib Bourguiba avenue, one remains perplexed in front of the splendid fountains which border a giant and attractive clock, which with its support in bronze color and its gilded needles, lets you sail in an ocean of imagination. Seconds afterwards, you certainly will realize that this clock is regulated on the rhythm of the new century.

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