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    الإستقبال : Oukalas Project  Socio-urban repercussions
Oukalas Project
Socio-urban repercussions

The Oukalas project has to generate several socio-urban  repercussions such as : The social supervision of the inhabitants of Oukalas, the social action to the profit of the elderly, the social action with the profit of the handicapped people,…

  • Presentation

  • Social supervision of the inhabitants of Oukalas: The socio-economic studies carried out by the municipality showed the degradation of the social situation and the living conditions of the inhabitants of Oukalas what confirms the brittleness of this fringe of inhabitants:
    • A large number of old men who live alone or in their families, are deprived of the most elementary needs for life.
    • There exist also a large number of unemployed evaluated with 35% of the totality of the inhabitants.
    • There is also a considerable number women and young people who do not have an educational level or professional who allows them to take down a work. All these data have constrained the municipality to make social assistance to this fringe one of the priorities of the project of Oukalas. Appreciable appropriations were granted the social interventions.

    Social action to the profit of the elderly :

    Within the framework of the Oukalas project, the municipality could:
    • To build 76 housing units being composed each one of a small part, a kitchen, a W.C and a small garden reserved to the elderly alive only. A large number of these units were furnished with beds, covers, chairs, kitchen utensils, etc
    • To grant to 200 elderly a monthly help which varies between 30 and 40 dinars each one.
    • To ensure the medical assistance the elderly by the follow-up of their health condition by the doctor (woman) of the center which holds regular consultations. It directs them to the hospital if need be.
    • To charge 10 domestic assistances with cleaning with the buildings and the cooking of eating.
    • To organize some excursions of distraction for a large number of elderly and their annual participation in the festivities of the world day of the elderly (October 1st).

    Social action to the profit of the handicapped people :

    The attention which the municipality gives to the handicapped people inhabitants Oukalas appeared through:
    • Assistance to constitute dossiers which they present to the competent services of the ministry for social Affairs and solidarity.
    • Permanent financial aids with some.
    • The lavished care with 12 handicapped children and their daily transport in the center of the handicapped people of Manouba by a bus pertaining to this establishment besides their framing educational, social, medical and diverting.
    • Assistance to a number of people to obtaining an income through ministry for the social affairs..

    Social action to the profit of youth:
    The new dwellings built by the municipality within the framework of the project of Oukalas, offers the convenient framework to the improvement of the output of the pupils who find an atmosphere allowing them to revise their lessons besides the fact of the bringing together of the school to their dwelling (extension of the schools of the cities of Daouar Hicher and El Agba and the construction of a new school to the city July 25th to Sidi H' ssine).
    At the time of the return to school, the municipality distributes a considerable number of portfolios, school stationery and charts of transport to the pupils and students registered in establishments far from their dwellings besides the purses granted to 60 students who obtained a license. All these achievements were accomplished in collaboration between the municipality and a number of associations and clubs of benevolence:
    • Association of the producing family and the social action
    • Association of social defense
    • Association Al Karama
    • Tunisian Union of Social solidarity
    • Lions Club.

    Helps to the employement and the creation of sources of revenue:
    The municipality helped the families which live Oukalas to live honorably by getting to a member of them an employment in the building sites of cleaning of the green zones and the roads and the maintenance of hygiene and environmental protection.
    As for the holders of higher diplomas, they occupied of the stations in various administrations like the municipality of Tunis and the ministries for the Interior and local development, State education and professional training. 150 young people having a professional capacity were helped to constitute productive projects in their granting loans for this purpose. In coordination with the office of the use of the Ettadhamen city and Bardo, it was possible to help the inhabitants of the new profit cities of the project of Oukalas to employ them in private companies.

    Distractions and leisures:
    A large number of children of needy families profited from summer camps and voyages and seminars inside the country and even abroad.

    Various social interventions:
    These interventions touched many profit needy families of the project of Oukalas through:
    • The granting of seasonal assistances with approximately 400 families annually at the time of the month of Ramadan, Aid El Fitr, Aid El Idha and the return to school.
    • The granting of occasional financial aids with nearly 1500 families to solve unforeseen problems, the purchase of drugs, the payment of the invoices of (STEG) or it (SONEDE) in particular for the elderly besides the goods of purchase of foodstuffs and the payment fee of stay at the hospitals.
    • One of the most important circumstantial interventions of the municipality consists of the provisional lodging of the victims families of the collapse of their dwellings, while waiting definitively to install them in the units of new dwellings, the municipality supported the expenditure of the monthly rent of 300 families of overall costs of 120 approximately thousand dinars between 1992 and May 2002.
    • The municipality also supported the expenditure of the monthly rent of 98 families in order to facilitate the release of the buildings and the beginning of work of restoration of overall costs of 103,500 dinars during the years 2001 and 2002.
    Other work and various interventions:
    The municipality undertook other work and interventions of a cost of 9.6 miles dinars since the starting of the oukalas project into 1991 which relate to the studies, work of demolition of some buildings and the expropriation of others.
    Urban development:
    The demolition of the buildings threatened of ruin and the construction of the trade and housing units in their place. Restoration of the buildings state-owned property, municipality of Tunis and private, and the reassignment of a number of them with cultural social goals (nursery schools, clubs, seats of associations,…) attribution of real loans to private and the follow-up of their work on the technical and architectural sides with an aim of:

    Improvement of their dwellings and to guarantee the harmony with the architectural style of the old Medina.
    Improvement of the roads and ways of the Medina by repairing of the roofed passageways (Sabbaths).
    The contribution to the embellishment of the Medina by the restoration of the fronts of the buildings located in the main axis of the capital.

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