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    الإستقبال : Oukalas Project  The fourth stage
Oukalas Project
The fourth stage
The overall costs of the fourth stage of the oukalas project are of 21670 MDT.  
  • The buildings which require the intervention
  • Project of the intervention

  • The buildings which require the intervention

  • 39 dilapidated buildings inhabited by 37 single people and 133 families adding up 616 people, require the demolition.
    • 166 buildings require great repair work where 21 single people place and 778 families is 3217 people.
    • 106 workshops and buildings of craftsmen require work of which: 45 for the demolition, and 53 of great 8 and repair work of light work of restoration.
    • The degradation of some alleys and balconies in the Medina which constitute a danger to the inhabitants and the passers by, require an urgent intervention to maintain them. Are programmed on this subject:

    The repaving of the streets and renewal of the network of public lighting. Restoration of the fronts, the roofed passageways, the arcs and the decorative elements. The refitting and the embellishment of the public places of this zone.
  • Project of the intervention

  • This project comprises the following elements:

    The rehousing of a cost of 4140 MDT:
    The construction of 250 new dwellings equipped with conveniences including 170 intended to lodge the inhabitants of 39 buildings to be demolished, and 80 to temporarily lodge families which remain in buildings which require repairs.

    For this purpose, the construction of these new dwellings is programmed:
  • 132 dwellings on the municipal allotment of El Mourouj 2 which can still incorporate new buildings at a cost of 2640 MDT.
    • 43 dwellings in the Medina to be built on a ground expropriated by the municipality within the framework of the first, second and third stages of the Oukalas project at a cost of 1290 MDT.
    • Construction of the commercial premises with El Mourouj 2 at a cost of 210 MDT.

    The repopulation of overall costs of 14700 MANDELEVIUM:

    • And municipality restoration and embellishment of buildings state-owned property of a cost of 1800 MDT.
    • Attribution of real loans to private and achievement of obligatory work for the recalcitrant owners 6800 MDT.
    • Embellishment of the fronts and the roofed passageways inside the Medina (sabbatat) of a cost of 1400 MDT.
    • Work of demolition and removal of spoil of demolition at a cost of 600 MDT.
    • The acquisition of the machines of demolition (10 tractors, 3 cranes, and 3 trucks) at a cost of 600 MDT.
    • Expropriation of the buildings at a cost of 1600 MDT.
    • Studies and monitoring of a cost of 500 MDT.

    Financial diagram for the realization of the 4th stage:
  • 25% of the overall costs of the project were granted by the State as a premium, while proposing the contribution of the National Fund of Solidarity (26 - 26) and the F NR A H (National Fund for the Improvement of the Habitat), in order to help the Municipality of Tunis to cover the self-financing required.
    • 75% of the cost of the project were allocated in the form of a loan of the State or Arab Fund of Economic development and Social.
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