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الصفحة الرئسية الإتصال خريطة الموقع

City planning

Through the plan of urban development of Tunis, appear the multiple components of the modern and rooted metropolis: the administrative pole, industrial parks, green areas moreover.... More...
The territory of the commune of Tunis is subdivided to delimited areas on the graphic document annexed to the present regulation....More
  • Embellishment of the hypercentre
    Although reduced to poverty ...
  • Embellishment of the mosque of Ezzitouna
    The project of the restoration of the Ezzitouna mosque ...
  • Embellishment of the squares ...
     Urban renovation  
  • Oukalas Project
    The two broad objectives of the oukalas project ...
  • Rehabilitation of the popular neiborhoods
    Following unexpected visits of the President...
    The city of futur
  • Development strategy of the city of Tunis
    The development strategy of the city of Tunis ...
  • Small Sicily's Project
    The will of creation and the belief in future which put Carlotta ...

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