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City planning
Urban renovation
The town of future

    الإستقبال : Urbanism  The town of future
The town of future
While meditating on the urban characteristics of the town of tomorrow, on the lifestyle of the future generations, the future of Tunis the “metropolis” and on its ecological policy, the Town hall of Tunis shows a faculty to conceive its strategic approach of sustainable development.  
  • Development strategy of the town of Tunis

The development strategy of the town of Tunis is the subject of a contract between the National federation of the Tunisian Cities (NFTC) and the Center of the United Nations for the Human settlements.

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  • Small Sicily's project  
The will of creation and the belief in future which put Carlotta FASCIOTTI capable to take up the challenge to fill the marshes of the received ground of the bey, the springs of the Town hall vis-a-vis the stakes represent which the project of small Sicily poses.
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