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الصفحة الرئسية الإتصال خريطة الموقع


The strategy of the Municipality of Tunis as regards sport is based on the development of the sporting infrastructure, the installation and the development of municipal sports equipment....read more
  • Sports projects
    The municipality of Tunis sets each year a budget to the projects of sport (construction of the steps, construction of the sports complexes installations, swimming pools).

     Cyber-spaces of the city 
  • Cyber-spaces for students

    The Municipality of Tunis in partnership with the Ministry for Higher education, the Scientific research and Technology and the Tunisian Association of Internet ...
    Summer camps
    Within the framework of its summer activities, the Municipality of Tunis organizes, as usual, of the summer camps to the profit of the children of the town of Tunis, old between 8 and 12 years.
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