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الصفحة الرئسية الإتصال خريطة الموقع
   Economy and employment

Financial Establishments and banks
Commercial spaces and Galleries
Industrial parks
Municipal markets

    الإستقبال : Economy and employment  Employment

The principal stake of this space is to create a single source of information gathering all the instruments of promotion of the use and all the mechanisms of creation of the companies….

Thus, the objective is to allow the graduates of higher education and all the job-seekers generally to know all these instruments and these mechanisms installed by the State in order to find an employment or to create their own companies.
This heading reflects also the contribution of the Municipality of Tunis in the diffusion and the dedication of the culture of the economic initiative within the framework of the Law n°69-2007 of December 27th, 2007, relative to the initiative economic; and to make known the investment incentives in accordance with the code of investment incentive.
The civil servant are also concerned with the partnership and the creation of companies, since the legislation and the regulation relating to the civil service their make it possible to benefit from a leave specific to the creation of a company.

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