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Municipal markets
Weekly markets
Markets of the detail, markets weekly, various markets, occasional markets...  
  • Weekly market of the Essijoumi district  

    • This market was created in January 2000. It is located within the municipal area of the Essijoumi district and more exactly in the city of Mellassine.

  • This market is delimited by street 4048, the street August 13th and the western exit of Tunis-Medjaz El Bab connecting the street August 13th and the peripheral road.

  • This market is specialized in the sale of all the products, except the fresh and perishable foodstuffs. This market is held the 7 a.m. Sunday of the morning at 13 o'clock in the afternoon.


  • The weekly market of the bicycles and the pets of the district of Bab B' har (Monsef Bey) 

    This market was created on January 20th, 2000. It is located in the municipal area of the district of Bab Bhar and precisely close to the Souk Moncef Bey.

    It is delimited by the street Saad Zaghloul (sale of the bicycles and driving bicycles) and the streets Farès El Khouri and Laghbagi (sale of the birds and the pets).

    This market is specialized in the sale of the bicycles and driving bicycles, the birds and their derivatives as well as the pets like the cats and the dogs of any kind, etc

    Within this market, the birds and the animals exposed to the sale must be accompanied by medical registers carrying the visa of the veterinary surgeon indicating the name of the owner, the family of the animal and the vaccines obligatory which it received. .

    They should not be included on the list of the protected families or the dangerous animals. .

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