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Youth and Sport

Cyber-spaces of the city Sport

    الإستقبال : Youth and Sport  Cyber-spaces of the city
Cyber-spaces of the city

The Municipality of Tunis in partnership with the Ministry for Higher education, the Scientific research and Technology and the Tunisian Association of Internet and Multi-media (ATIM) launched in November 2000, a first experiment of common management of the cyber-spaces.

Cyber-spaces for students

These cyber-spaces are dedicated to the training of the student inhabitants of the popular quarters of El Gorjéni, El Omrane, the City El Khadra and of Bab Souika.Ces cyber-spaces, in addition to navigation and research give a training according to the formula of the modules: (initiation with data processing, ABC of the Internet, creation of web sites and CD-ROM).
Furthermore the Municipality of Tunis has well equipped cyber-spaces for pupils and others for children each with internet and data processing clubs. Heard

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