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City planning
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The town of future

    الإستقبال : The town of future  Project of Small Scilly
The town of future
Project of Small Scilly
The renovation project of the zone of small neighboring Sicily of the wearing of Tunis lies within the scope of the great projects relating to the restoration and the urban rehabilitation of the capital.
Réaménagement du quartier de la Petite Sicile  The main trends of the project Small Sicily were defined after a consultation near offices of Tunisian councils. A special subcommittee made up of municipal frameworks in collaboration with the Council about the architects and the ministry for the Equipment, the habitat and town and country planning, chose the model of Mr. Ahmed Ouerdani who took in consideration the operational side and of application in the realization of the project.

  The project of Small Sicily will be carried out on a surface of 80 hectares limited by Bab Alioua to the South, the Habib Bourguiba avenue in North, the wearing of Tunis in the East and the avenue of Carthage in the West, it will understand a multistory parking lot on 7492 m2, two gigantic turns binoculars, a station of multimodal transport (a main station (train), a station of bus and taxis and a station of the subway), residential and administrative, cultural centers, social and commercial buildings.

Within the framework of the same project, the Barcelona Place will be connected instead of the Arrival of the arranged zone, with in the medium a public place. The entry of the city will be made starting from Bab Alioua and of the avenue of Italy which will be widened for this purpose.

From the Z4 road the two turns which will symbolize the door of Tunis will be connected by a footbridge. While offering to the center town of Tunis and the neighboring communes a frontage open on the sea, the project of small Sicily will make it possible Tunisians to have their clean “Marina” who will be born on the banks from the Southern Lake, moreover, one marina.

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