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الصفحة الرئسية الإتصال خريطة الموقع

Sites and historical monuments

In this heading you will be able to consult the most important sites and historic buildings in the town of Tunis. Read more
  • Sidi Mehrez
  • Tourbat Al Bey
  • Souk Al Attarine
  • Medersa Slimaniya
  • Medersa Al Bachiya
  • Pilot school
  • The Khaldouniya
  • Kechla Al Attarine
  • Jemaâ Ezzitouna
  • Jemaâ Al Haliq
  • Dar Maâkal Azzaïm
  • Dar Ben Abdallah
  • Zaouia Al Boukria
  • Sadiki college
  • Bab Bhar 
  • Government Place 
  • Mansions and museums
  • The national museum of Carthage
  • The zaouia of sidi Kacim
  • The archaeological park of Carthage
  • Carthage « why a park? »
  • The national institute of the inheritance
  • National Museum of Bardo
  • Kheïreddine Palace
  • Dar Ben Abdallah
  • Dar Maâkal Az-Zaïm
  • National military museum
  • Museum of the Currency
  • Museum of the cinema
  • Dar Ben Achour
  • Postal museum
  • Cultural events
  • Cultural events
    The cultural events of the town of Tunis diversify; they are universal cultural events, annual cultural habits or occasional events.
  • The cultural events most important are:
    Festival of Carthage
    Festival of the medina
    Cinematographic days of Carthage
    Theatrical days of Carthage
    Cultural centers
  • Cultural centers
    In addition, town of partnership and communication, the capital is the meeting place of various cultures and this, by the means of the many foreign arts centres which sit there...
  • Other arts centres cultural
  • Houses of culture
  • Houses of culture
    Ibn Khaldoun, Ibn Zaïdoun, Gardens City...
  • Spaces of leisures
  • Spaces of leisures
    The amusement parks many of them are located today as well the tourist areas as in the other areas...
  •  Libraries
  • Library of the Town of Tunis
    The town of Tunis puts at the disposal of a whole an offer of public reading through various libraries… .
  • Art galleries
  • Kheïreddine gallery
    The Museum of the Town of Tunis...
  • City’s Collection
  • Other galleries
  • Theaters and cinemas
  • The municipal Theater
    The municipal theater “candy box resplendy”, as of its unveiling on November 20th, 1902, cleared the way with artistic creation: symphonic opera…
  • Troop of the town of Tunis
  • Cinemas
  • Musical troops
  • Musical troops
    The adouars, the mouachahats, as well as the airs of the African and Mediterranean music and the Western classical music marked the Tunisian song and the music.
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