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Spaces of leisures
The amusement parks 
The amusement parks very many, are located today as well the tourist areas as in the other areas...
  • Tunisia Happy Land Park "Dah Dah "
  • Golden Bowling
  • Drive-in Happy Days
  • The Bowling of Lake

  • Tunisia Happy Land Park "Dah Dah "

    Tunisia Happy Land Park is very a big space of leisures created in 1995 and regularly enriched. It is on the Banks of the Tunis Lake, not far from the international airport of Tunis-Carthage, with approximately four kilometers in the North-East of the capital, on the road of Marsa, the G.P.9.
    Usually indicated by the term Tunisia Park or, even more usually by the term familiar of Dah Dah, it extends on a surface from eleven hectares.
    He proposes more than two hundred plays. Some are intended to the children of at least three years, others, with the teenagers and even with the adults.

    The park offers a very great diversity of distractions. One finds there forty-five horse-gears in the open air of which twelve were installed in 1998.

    The gaming rooms are numerous. One of them understands videos ranges and simulators in 3D of most modern; another is reserved for the electronic game, pin-table footballs and the pinball machines; a third contains American billiards.

    A fourth room, of a surface of 2000 m2, shelters more than twelve horse-gears intended for the children who can devote themselves to their plays without worrying about the bad weather.

    About twenty individual plays are installed in this space as well as a diversity of surprised which amuse the young people and less young.
    A professional karting is installed within the boundary of park. It is used mainly for the competitions organized by the large companies.

    Tunisia Park annually accommodates more than one million visitors belonging to all the social categories and all the age brackets. They come there from Tunis and its surroundings but also from the other areas of the country.

    Tourists go there, of considerable number, to spend pleasant moments of relaxation.
    The park is arranged in a very functional way. The parking of the vehicles does not pose any problem even in peak period.

    A carpark of seven hundred places is put free at the disposal of customers. Various spaces are occupied by the services: a police station, a post office of Civil protection, an infirmary, a public call box (public phone) The shopping mall shelters, him also, several activities: bookseller, coffees, fast-food industry, store of toys, photographer, stores of confectionery, shop of clothing

    The schedule of opening varies according to the seasons: in summer, every day, 18:00 at 1:00 of the morning, in winter, 13:00 at 20:00 during the five days of the week and 11:00 to 22:00 saturdays and Sunday; during school vacations and the days fries, 10:00 at 22:00. During the month of Ramadan the park is. opened 19:30 until midnight.
    Address: Tunisia happy Land Park Dah Dah
    Banks of the Tunis Lake 2045 Aouina B.P.63
    Phone:( 216) 71 860 888
    Fax: (216) 71,860,578

  • GoldenBowling

    The Golden delicious Bowling, place of leisures general-purpose in spite of its name, is on the Banks of the Tunis Lake, to four kilometer in the North-East. capital. One can reach it by taking the road of Marsa, the G.P.9 it is established in the middle of a space where the recreational centres are sulky: park of plays, drive-in, restaurants, various trade
    Recently creates in 2000, it is one of most modern world.
    It understands two immense rooms of bowling comprising sixteen tracks and equipped with the electronics components of most powerful. It provides to the amateurs all which they can need to practice their sport.
    It took the name of bowling, this center does not make it possible of them less other to spend pleasant moments.
    A gallery of exposure of various artistic creations is found there.
    At side, a vast versatile room can accommodate meetings, seminars, conferences, banquets, cocktails, festivals professional or family
    The room American billiards is roomy. She proposes several tables equipped with an electronic system with most powerful.
    The snack bar is very close to the tracks. It offers soft drinks and makes it possible to the consumers to admire the prowesses of the players of bowling or to discover the last clips of the singers in vogue. On screens T.V of the bar, one can follow the evolutions of other plays. The drinks are diversified there: hot drinks like the coffee, the chocolate or the tea, all kinds of sodas, many cocktails (without alcohol), of fruit juices, the ices
    With the dresser one can appreciate Tunisian or international specialities, containing vegetables, of poultries, sheep or ox. The fish are at the base of many preparations.
    With the tearoom one can be made be used much as drinks but it is a small temple of the tea. One can indeed find a large variety of teas, of any origines.
    For tennis four courts are at the disposal of amateurs who, here, can practice their sport in a medium without pollution, where the air is very pure.
    Concurrently to this diversity of services, the Golden delicious Bowling developed the formula club which applies especially to tennis.
    Thus the mini-club of tennis is reserved to the children from 5 to 15 years. It functions Wednesdays, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at a rate of two weekly sessions for the subscribers. They have a qualified trainer. The yearly subscription is of 100D.
    Phone:  (216) 71 960 096  (216) 71 960 096
    Fax: (216) 71 960196
    Web site:: www.golden-bowling.com
    E-mail : golden.bowling@planet.tn

  • Drive-in Happy Days

    It is the first and still the single one - project of this kind in Tunisia.
    The concept comes by far: U.S.A of the Twenties. The truck-drivers, traversing the interminable roads of the vast country, were to stop, of time to other, to take some rest, to eat and drink. Need and utility to answer this need were born with certain stages, of the establishments which proposed food and drinks. The term Drive-in made its appearance, follow-up of that of Movie Drive-in for those which added to their services the projection of a film that the drivers could look starting from their vehicle.

    Utilities in the beginning, the drives-in were not long in becoming spaces of leisures particularly required by the young people who appreciated them because of the possibility of exteriorizing their vitality without too rigid constraints there. They are reflected to attend them, in particular in the Sixties, for the show off, to eat, dance, to burst itself as they say today.
    The drive-in Happy Days is established on a ground of 5205 m2, located on the banks of the Tunis Lake, near the international airport of Tunis-Carthage, with approximately four kilometers in the North-East of the capital. The junction which carries out share of the G.P.9 to it, the road of Marsa. It is in the middle of a space where centers of animation push, restaurants, pizzerias, bowlings, trade
    It is an original project carried out by a promoter except commun run: Hend Chaouch, holder of a control combined of languages, returned, after a stay in the United States, with diplomas of journalism, of communication and publicity, a taste pronounced for the rallys car and especially the concept of this project.
    Inside, decoration is made in an American style of the Sixties. All contributes to recreate the atmosphere of these years: posters of the mythical stars of the time such Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, James Dean; seats made up of red benches, juke-boxes, the statue of freedom, resin and the glass fiber statues; waitresses in roller skates; old cars. There is not until the music which is not selected according to this objective; rock' N roll, twist which, however make place, once environment installed well, at more modern, wild intervals.
    The restoration is very diversified.
    One can remain in his car and be made be useful by hostesses in roller skates or roller skateboard. The dishes remain then in the note: pizza pies, hot-dogs, hamburgers, chips, milk shakes, sodas been useful in immense glasses.
    Inside, the establishment proposes four types of kitchen: American, Mexican, Italian and Eastern. Every days, at midday, of the Moroccan and Tunisian specialities are been useful.
    An immense central space is arranged so that the various groups can evolve at ease: dancers, lifting amateurs of dances, groups of karaok, clowns, ventriloquists, fire-eaters, magicians,
    A giant screen and seven monitors T.V are used for various projections of which in particular that of the old fibus
    The installation of the place is conceived in a flexible way which makes it possible to make of it a general-purpose space being able, besides its usual functions, to shelter conferences, conferences and especially of the family ceremonies or official receptions organized by institutions.
    External space, cover of grass, will be arranged to be used as adventure playground de for the children and place of restoration for the adults.

    Address: Happy days
    Principal Boulevard Berges du lacs-2045 Tunis
    Phone:  (216) 71 862 626  (216) 71 862 626
    Fax : (216) 71 862 424
    E-mail: happydays@gnet.tn
  • The Bowling of Lake

    The Bowling of the Lake is located at the entrance of the new zone known as the Banks of the Lake halfway between Tunis and Carthage. Of an accessible decoration and close friend, it is the ideal place to leave in family, between friends or colleagues.

    The Tea for Two, Tea luminous room of 50 places to share intimate moments. Delicious pastry makings will be been useful to you with hot drink or cold of your choice. The Sixty 'S, a fast-food of 80 places to decoration the Sixties.
    This cordial space will make you swinger on music of time and a varied range of succulent dishes for a pause of fast-food industry will offer to you. The saloon, with its six billiard tables American proposes to you to slacken and measure your address. Finally and especially, 8 tracks of bowling, play of address and pleasure, accessible to all, from 7 to 77 years. This space invites you to amuse you, to dance on the last tubes, accompanied by your children, friends or colleagues.

    Address : Bowling of the lake
    Banks of the lake-2045, Tunis, Tunisia
    phone: 71 961 600
    Fax: 71 961 233
    Web site: www.bowlingdulac.com
    E-mail: samir.fenniche@gnet.tn

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