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    الإستقبال : Culture and leisure activities  Cultural centers
Cultural centers
Tunis prepares to accommodate the immense City of the culture which will host the Arts center of the Town of Tunis, the precedent having been refitted with an aim of having more a big space.
- In addition to being  town of partnership and communication, the capital is the meeting place of various cultures and this, by the means of the many foreign arts centres which sit there.
  • Arts center Bir Lahjar
  • Arts center of the town of Tunis
  • Other arts centres cultural

  • Arts center Bir Lahjar
  • 40, street of Pacha 1006 Medina- Tunis
    Phone : 71 572 682
    Fax : 71 572 682

    The Municipality of Tunis took the responsibility of restoring the arts center Bir Lahjar in the month of October 2002 (installation of the doors and the windows, painting of space, equipment of the scene which became able to shelter various spectacles (music, dance, theater…) creation of an art gallery).
    - Clubs of Theater, music, painting, childish animation
  • Arts center of the town of Tunis
  • Avenue of 9 april 1938
    Phone : 71 573 171
    Created in 1979, the Arts center of the Town of Tunis laid down three objectives:
    - to offer to the public, systematically, a program rich and varied cultural events.
    - to support the cultural exchanges, the communication and the co-operation.
    - and in a general way to carry out cultural events of quality touching with all the fields of art, sciences and the culture.

    The center monthly invites men of culture, thought, art and literature of the Arab and Western cultural landscape and this within the framework of the cultural dialog which the Town hall of Tunis devotes.


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