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الصفحة الرئسية الإتصال خريطة الموقع
Cleanliness of the City 

Cleanliness is the principal priority of the municipal action. It is of an major importance in the approach of management of the daily newspaper of the inhabitants..... Read more
  • Development of the municipal activity as regards cleanlinesss  In order to improve the services rendered to the citizens ...
  •  National day of cleanliness and environmental protection 
    The Municipality of Tunis celebrates, on June 11th of each year, the national day of cleanliness...
    Fight against noise pollutions  
  • Fight against noise pollutions
    The growing number of the townsmen of Tunis, the vehicles, the various marketing activities and industrial ...
    Sustainable development
  • The Sustainable development
    The development strategy of the town of Tunis is the subject of a last contract in October 2000 between the National federation of the Tunisian Cities (NFTC) and the Center of the United Nations ...
     Green space and parks 
  • The Park of the View-point (Belvedere)
    The creation of the park of the View-point, drawn by Joseph OF LAFORCADE architect-landscape designer, gardener in chief of the town of Paris, was approved by the municipal council of the town of Tunis in 1892....
  • Zoologic park
    Located in the middle same of the View-point, this space which shelters more than 160 species of animals, is also remarkable by its vegetable cover and its monumental trees. It accommodates approximately 1 school complex, visitor million per annum, family, tourist...
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