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الصفحة الرئسية الإتصال خريطة الموقع


 The traffic in the area of Tunis knew, during the passed decade, just like the other systems, of innumerable changes. These changes are related to the considerable... Read more 
  • The Traffic plan
    The traffic plan consists in exploiting the infrastructure for various means of transport according to the objectives and the priorities definite....
  •   Parking
  • Restricted parking zone (Blue zone)
    Within the framework of the resolution of the problem of the parking in the town of Tunis and to ensure the fluidity of circulation….
  • Parkings
    Parking of Gana street...
  •  Urban Transport   
  • Urban Transport

    The urban transport within the town of Tunis east ensured by several public means of transport in particular thelight one, the buses and the train like some privately held companies of transport and the taxis....

  •  Interurban Transport
  • The interurban transport is ensured by many means : bus, train, plane, and taxis "cops".  In Tunis travellers can travel towards any destination....
  •  Air Transport
  • Air Transport
    The capital of Tunisia is connected to the important Arab and European capitals. ..
  •  Marine Transport
  • Marine Transport
    Strong of its 1300 kilometers of shores, Tunisia is related on the other metropolises and important Mediterranean ports in particular Marseilles, Gènes, etc.... 
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