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City hall
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    الإستقبال : Municipality  Administration
The Organization chart
The organization chart of the City hall of Tunis insert within the framework of the measures of application of the plan of municipal upgrade to better master and manage the municipal tasks with the aim of a better return and of a steady development of the city.
  • Municipal agencies
  • The Municipal Agency of Enviremental Services "M.A.E.S.E", the Municipal Agency of management "M.A.M" and the Association of Safegarding of the Medina "A.S.M" are three municipal establishments loaded with the conception and the elaboration of the programs of the City hall of Tunis in the registry office, in the urban rehabilitation, in the traffic , in the management of the municipal properties and the exploitation of the controlled discharges and the centers of valuation of the waste.

  • Municipal districts

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