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Municipal council 
The municipal council meets, obligatorily, four times per annum according.. :
  • Session of February
  • Session of May
  • Session of July
  • Session of November
  • One month before each session one a preparative session is held.
    However, the council can meet in extraordinary session's at the request of the Mayor.
    The councils of the municipal districts meet each month in the presence of the elected officials and of the representatives of the administrations concerned with the questions of the order of the day.

    The municipal council of the town of Tunis is composed of 60 members including 20 assistants elected by the council after its taking off.

    The meetings of the municipal council are public. However, they can be held behind closed doors discussing certain questions with the day order at the request of its president, of one 1/3 of its members, the governor or the delegate of the area.

    The dates of the meetings of the council are declared by media and posted on the door of the municipality.

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