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Urban renovation
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    الإستقبال : Urban renovation  Rehabilitation of the popular neiborhoods
Urban renovation
Rehabilitation ...

Following the unexpected visits of the President in popular neiborhoods, a broad programme of rehabilitation of the peripheral and spontaneous districts was started.

This program also included the realization of many projects of infrastructure and equipment socio-collectives in favor as of the most underprivileged zones.

These actions were undertaken within the framework of the National plan of Rréhabilitation of the Popular neiborhoods (PNRQP) and the interventions of National solidarity funds FSN (26-26).
Thus and many popular neiborhoods cleansed were rehabilitated, in particular in Ibn Khaldoun, Kabaria, Ouardia and Jebel Jelloud, Sidi H' ssine, Essijoumi.

It is also of that the old city where the Medina benefitted from two great projects of cleansing and rehabilitation: Hafsia project and Oukalas project Memories of the Medina, days of the Baccalaureat.

Another great project was decided by the President , that of the urban development integrated of the city of Sidi H' ssine into the great happiness of its inhabitants. The municipality of Tunis was charged to carry out this project in collaboration with the National office of Cleansing (O.N.A.S).

National plan of the Rehabilitation Of the Popular neiborhoods:

National project in Sidi H'ssine:
Project of the urban development integrated into Sidi H' ssine a National project projects carried out during year 1999/2000
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