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Green spaces 
Zoological gardens 
The zoological gardens of the Town of Tunis are a scientific and cultural institution created in 1963. It, in its greater part, was conceived by German architects.
Presentation of the zoological gardens :
The zoological gardens of the Town of Tunis are a scientific and cultural institution created in 1963. It, in its greater part, was conceived by German architects. Located in full heart of the capital, it currently extends on a surface from 15 hectares.

Objectives of the zoological one :
  • To allow the visitors to discover, see and better to know animal species originating in the five continents.
  • To offer to the visitors a pleasant framework for the relaxation and the leisure.

  • To sensitize the public, in particular young, by the means as of animals presented, with protection of nature and of the environment.
  • To constitute a sufficient animalist surplus to be able to ensure a stock of reserve of the species threatened of extinction.
  • To develop, thanks to research ethologic veterinary surgeons and, knowledge on specificities of the wild animals.

    Fauna and flora :
    The zoological gardens lodge more than one thousand of animals which divide themselves into three groups :
    • Mammals : 61 species
    • Birds : 94 species
    • Reptiles : 5 species
    These animals are followed daily by three veterinary surgeons and 26 welfare men. An special attention is given to the food which governs a big part of animal health.

    The reproduction, the exchanges with the foreign zoological gardens and the purchases ensure the perenniality and the diversity of the species presented.

    The zoological gardens are also a large garden where hundreds of varieties of trees, shrubs and flowers are the subject of daily care.

    Educational activities :
    A “club Children and Nature”, that a historic building shelters “Midha” located within the boundary of park, propose to make known, by audio-visual means and guided visits, the life and manners of the animals, and are activated to wake up the conscience of the children with respect to the environmental problems.

    In addition, the principal characteristics of each animal specie are presented on signs fixed on the corresponding cages..

    Tariffs, days and schedule of opening :
    The prices of the tickets are of 500 Millimes for the children from 2 to 14 years and 800 Millimes for the most 14 years. The zoological gardens are opened with the public as from 09:00 of the morning, every day of the week except Monday, the zoological gardens closes its front doors the sunset.

    Areas of relaxation :
    The zoological gardens arranged many green areas in order to allow the families and the groups of children to rest, be restored and divert themselves. There also exists in the park a coffee Moor.

    • The zoological park knew during these last months some important restorations on the level of the infrastructures: replacement of the candelabra, renovation of nine of the public benches, construction of two new toilet blocks, installation of a basin for the crocodiles with heating water system, enlargement of certain birdcages, poses new maker badges of the animals.
    Acquisitions of new animals:
    - A male tiger
    - A young hippopotamus
    - A couple of red monkeys
    - A group of small squirrels
    - Crocodiles

    • Births:of a zebra, a kobus lechwe and of some porcupines.

    • Address : zoological gardens of Belveder B.P 267
    • Tel.: 71 846 523
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