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Cleanliness of the City
Fight against noise pollutions
Sustainable development
Green spaces

    الإستقبال : Environment  Fight against noise pollutions
Fight against noise pollutions

The growing number of the townsmen of Tunis, the vehicles, the various marketing activities and industrial constitute a true sound, atmospheric and hydrous source of pollution today.

  • Fight against noise pollutions
  • Concerning noise pollutions, the municipal technicians regularly carry out investigations into the ground and of the periodic rounds of control in all the communal perimeter in particular in summer, period during which noise pollutions are accentuated.

  • With the reception of a complaint, the investigators of the municipality move to measure, using special equipment and of high technology, the noise levels with the source and the residence of the plaintiff and to study them compared to the standard in force according to the vocation of the zone announced by the plan of town-planning of Tunis.
  • The follow-up of the investigation is ensured by technicians who inform the concerned one in the event of going beyond threshold to lead it to reduce the harmful effect to a tolerable level with an aim of the respect of quietude of the citizens and their quality of framework of life. Coercive measures are taken according to the cases: warning, amends and injunction, proposal for a decree of seizure or closing according to the case and, finally in the event of no respect express regulation the execution of the decree by the municipal police.

  • Each summer, the Town hall of Tunis puts at the disposal of its citizens a special program with an aim of fighting against the emanating noise of the private festivals. This program of fight begins on July 1st and is prolonged until September 15th. Six brigades take care of the execution of this program in the 16 municipal districts, besides a central team located at the post office of the municipal police of the street Moncef Bey.

  • The municipal police (Missions and coordinates)
  • The Central team :

    Mission :The rapid intervention to detect the infringements relating to the harmful effects Zone of intervention : All municipal districts
    Work hours : 24/ 24
    Address : Souk Moncef Bey
    Phone : 71 344 171

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