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    الإستقبال : Theaters and cinemas  National theater the 4th Art:
Theaters and cinemas
National theater the 4th Art:
The Tunisian National theater is a state enterprise in cultural matter enjoying the civil personality and of financial autonomy, it was installed in 1988 ...
  • National theater the 4th Art:
  • Administration: 58, place Halfaouine - Bab Souika - BP 183 - 1006 Tunis Telephones of the administration: 71 565 693/71 565 640
    Theater: 27, Avenue de Paris - 1000 Tunis
    Telephone of the theater: 71 351 783

    The Tunisian National theater:

    The Tunisian National theater is a state enterprise in cultural matter enjoying the civil personality and of financial autonomy, it was installed in 1988 with the Khaznadar Palate on the Halfaouine place in Bab souika.
    This monument, built in the middle of the XIX ème century, bears the name of the Palate of the Theater.

    The missions of the Tunisian National theater are:

    The contribution to the animation of the cultural life and artistic national
    The constitution of an organisational, artistic framework and professional of reference ready to improve the conditions of the artistic practice in the country.
    The development of new artistic and esthetic proposals through research practices, the production, the distribution and the publication.
    The constitution of a theatrical capital of reference starting from the national heritage and universal, Tunisian or world literary works, and while taking as a starting point the international artistic experiments.
    The implication of the professionals of the trade to the realization of creations of the institution.
    Renewal and the development of the creative capacities of the artists by the organization of the specialized training courses of hands-on training.
    The promotion of the Tunisian theatrical experiment at the national, Arab and international level.
    The constitution of funds of information and documentation.

    In 1988, the Palate of the Theater with Halfaouine was restored, the new reorganization contains:

    Studio Habiba Msika for the body exercises and the dance.
    Studio Ali Ben Ayed for the repetitions and the formation.
    Workshop of costumes.
    Workshop of joinery.

    In 1993, the President of the Republic, Mr. Zine el Abidine Ben Ali put at the disposal of Tthéâtre National the old room of the cinema Paris.
    After being restored by carrying out the following alteration work there:

    Equipment with material modern technology
    Rough-casting of the frontage of the room
    Installation of the halls
    Air-conditioning of the room
    Upholstering of the chairs
    Installation of the studio Rached Manaï
    Installation of the material modern technology

    In addition to these assets, the big room of repetitions was added to the Palate of the Theater with Halfaouine

    The room the Fourth Art (27 avenue de Paris -1000 - Tunis)

    The room the fourth art is equipped with modern technologies, its capacity is of 350 places, its engineering team multidisciplinary and is highly qualified.

    The studio Rached Manaï is a reserved space with the artistic workshops, the meetings and the seminars.

    Concerning the programming, the room of the Fourth Art shelters each cultural season more than 80 stage performances and this from October 1st to June 30th, the theatrical productions represented are national productions.

    Some theatrical works represented by the Tunisian National theater :

    Live Skakespeare (1988)
    Haddidh (1998)
    The escape (2001)
    Studio X (2002)
    Rajel W will mra (1995)
    Mourad III (2003)
    Worthy death (2003)

    The National school of Arts of the Circus:

    Following the meeting of artists Mr. Mohamed Driss (Directing of the Tunisian National theater) and Mr. Bernard Turin (Managing director of the center of arts of the circus with Chalons in France) in 1998 and considering the success which knew the spectacle presented by 45 young Tunisian trained to arts of the artistic circus during 3 years, at the time of the Mediterranean plays organized by Tunisia in 2001,
    was made the decision to create a national school of arts of the artistic circus within the Tunisian National theater and this in December 2002.
    October 1st, 2003 the national school of arts of the circus opened its doors.
    The objective of the creation of the national school of arts of the circus is the formation of a new generation of Tunisian artists ready to take part in all the kinds of the performing arts.
    The national school of arts of circus was created in collaboration with the Tunisian Ministry for the culture, the national center of arts of circus (C.N.A.C Chalons out of Champagne) and the national school of arts of Rosny circus. The French Institute of Co-operation contributes to the development of the programs of the national school of arts of the circus.

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